We're revolutionizing the consumer data ecosystem

The world is changing.

By proxy of (much needed) privacy regulations and changes in tracking transparency, one of the greatest disruptions in the history of digital has taken place. Valuable consumer data is no longer an unregulated asset that can be "acquired" by any means necessary.

Explicit consent is now the name of the game, with terms happening above board and dark patterns being snuffed out. Ethically-sourced first-party data has become the most valuable asset on the internet, hampering personalization, addressability, measurement, activation and analysis for anyone who doesn't have it.

Compliance is also now mission-critical. As regulation and enforcement ramps up, misusing consumer data will no longer be a firm warning. It could be an existential threat to an enterprise.

The solution to this disruption is extremely simple: engage users directly. Give them control over the process. Let them decide who gets their data, and give them something of high value in exchange, like money. Make the whole system happen above-board. Be clear about what is being exchanged, who gets what, and make the process of reversing that decision simple.

That's what we've done. Via our app, Caden, we empower digital citizens to take control and ownership of their data, quickly and safely. Once they have it in a secure wallet, we make an offer to buy their anonymized data on a daily basis—with explicit consent happening every step of the way.

For you, the enterprise, that creates access to a one-of-a-kind hyper-panel of longitudinal, real-time, perfectly accurate and dimensional consumer behavioral data, all housed in an intelligent Knowledge Graph.

Whether you're a hedge fund trying to gain a predictive edge on the market or an adtech company trying to navigate measurement in a post-cookie world, we can help.

We acquire hundreds of millions of data points per day across retail, media consumption, ride sharing, food, exercise, audio, travel, financial transactions, and more, in addition to endless micro- and macro-economic indicators. All with privacy and compliance fully baked in.

We'd love to work together. Come chat with us.